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  Bunker flies catch Big Fish!

  Its no secret that Striped Bass, Bluefish and Weakfish love Bunker (Menhaden) .    

Every season the biggest fish are caught on live Bunker

I'm a professional Fly fisherman and I use Big Bunker Flies to catch big Fish

Bunker flies are my #1 choice for big fish

They are the perfect pattern to imitate live Bunker

These patterns are proven, Here's how I use them


Method #1 Follow the BUNKER!

I fish them right below a school of live bunker that are under attack buy active fish

I use A 9wt outfit with Intermediate - 300 grain sinking line

Stay with the bunker and cast into the school and the outer edges

Bass & Weakfish generally like a slow to medium retrieve

Bluefish like it on the fast side.


Method #2 Marking fish

When marking fish on the bottom with my electronics  I use a 10-11wt outfit

with  400-500 grain fast sinking and a weighted big Bunker fly

This will get you down deep up to 35ft. Make a several drift over the fish

on each drift cast to the downward drift side of the boat and let the line sink

as you are approaching the fish make sure you get the fly down into the zone

 when you are over the fish  slow retrieve all the way up to the surface

these fish will  sometimes follow it all the way up and commit right at the boat


You can take advantage and start catching Big Fish on a fly by using Bunker Flies

just select any of the  proven colors and weighted (leaded) Bunker Fly for deep down

or Un-leaded Bunker fly for Shallow water or just under the  Bunker school


"I personally use and Tie them "

Capt. Joe Mattioli

ON The Bite Charters




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